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Sep 29, 2010 1:00am PDT
. >> the mou is between puc and rec and park for operations and maintenance? >> correct. if you can turn to page four or five, that is actually the list of things which are a retrofit of the irrigation system and training the staff and guaranteeing that there would be a site supervisor and testing and inspection. these are what we have agreed on behalf of the city. this assigns the responsibility to parks and recreation. >> these are the mitigation measures. >> correct. >> these are the agreements that we had and we are now transferring or allocating to parks and recreation? >> correct. >> the item shows that would it would give the general manager the response -- the responsibility to negotiate the mou. the wording on the agenda is slightly different from the final wording. >> that is what we will be voting on. >> correct. >> are there any further questions? is any public comment >> we have three speaker cards. >> public comments on item 14. >> good afternoon, commissioners. we advocate the protection of national parks. a thank-you for your work on the conservation efforts. i am here to
Sep 6, 2010 3:00pm PDT
is the creation of a city- wide mou. in 2007, after the release of the audit report, major new some issued an executive directive to ask departments to work with us on this. in that directive, he also recommended creating a city-wide mou to implement these changes. the justice oversight panel is currently drafting this mou to try to bring these changes into a more institutionalized setting. also, to address some of the more high level issues that have yet to be implemented. and there remains some issues around restraining order protocol. the court and police department are continuing to negotiate with one another about the entry of restraining order information and how those agencies will communicate with one another when issues arise -- arise. both departments have protocols that worked pretty well regarding restraining orders, but the problems come up when there is cross-department telecommunications. as i mentioned, stalking is an important indicator. it is important that all departments have protocol on how they can identify cases of stalking when they see it, how they will refer victi
Sep 4, 2010 4:30pm PDT
contract, and there is an mou in place for phase 1, for phase 1 systems, so the mou will be amended to encompass these two, the subject of this request. section 2 will be funded by prop k and formula funds. the system is currently accepted in ferry, mta, and vta will offer clipper in 2010. the clipper program is also included on page 55 of your packets, a presentation prepared by the mta for the board. the overall project is funded by a variety of federal, state, and local funds. an $11 million stimulus grant for phase 1. phase 2 is [inaudible] dollars. phase 2 will install ticket vending machines at several stops and provide project support. procurement will begin this summer with project compleion expected by spring of 2013. the second project is the light rail corridor improvement, a $100,000 request to leverage almost $500,000 in federal funds to upgrade signals at 115 locations, over 50 on the line and shown to be improved under the project. it will also upgrade pavement markings to enhance no u-turn instructions. the counting project will do counts at 25 locations this fll, to
Sep 28, 2010 3:00pm PDT
the mou. the wording on the agenda is slightly different from the final wording. >> that is what we will be voting on. >> correct. >> are there any further questions? is any public comment >> we have three speaker cards. >> public comments on item 14. >> good afternoon, commissioners. we advocate the protection of national parks. a thank-you for your work on the conservation efforts. i am here to express concerns that the puc is considering authorizing agreements for the golf course which is within the boundaries of the conservation area this is the project that has been known and documented by the fish and wildlife service. we are concerned with this potential action. this came up in march of this year and april of this year. north coast county wanted to know should we move forward with this project because there is ailing real issue here on the golf course. we are not aware of any policy to the continued to call for. how could the water continue elsewhere? this is a serious matter. there have been notices to file in the city of san francisco for the care of these issues. why am no
Sep 2, 2010 12:30am PDT
. the facility we will use to perform medical triage. it's a wide open space. the plan also enters into mou with the various organizations in our preparedness and response network. secondly, another activity is with san francisco fire department, nert to conduct trainings. we have training for the local residents and also for our agency workers. we actually advocated and help establish for the first time cantonese language workshops. i mentioned a minute ago that a majority of the residents are not english proefficient this resource is important. we have been involved in doing community wide drills. this is an opportunity where we can take a plan on paper and put it into physical practice. these are neighborhood wide large scale disaster drills. where we have volunteers with the help of the fire department. volunteers who simulate real life injuries. they will come in to our port mouth square looking like they have trauma and injuries and our team will triage. that's when we put our communication systems to the test using a hand radio. our radios to community. to be able to find out what th
Sep 19, 2010 2:00pm PDT
of this process. today in our agenda we have mous and agreements with many of our cbos which support the direction you want to go with superintendent zones. looking at this, i am very hopeful, but i echo what commissioner norton said. i would like to see what it means on the ground. the only reason that i pushed back a little on it is these schools have been persistently and consistently lower performing. that have not been reaching their potential. we have a great opportunity here. we have also given this community, these communities, many false promises. we have failed in our promises multiple times. i think i need to remind this district of our failures. i am anxious about this. i am hopeful. i hope that we can get updated on a regular basis about it. i hope this is truly a reform them will be successful to transform not only our schools but the lives of our students that we have not been able to see it reached academic success. there is a lot in your hands. commissioner wynns: think you for the presentation. i was listening while doing something back there. i appreciate the work and the focus,
Sep 6, 2010 9:30pm PDT
better. when you exclude a mou's from the overall revenue, we're looking at 1.7% increase. that to me is a very modest increase between how we are originally prepared the budget and how we ended the budget. that is not to say that we were so great in preparing our budget, but at least this year, we did not have -- end up in a negative stance. the big news in expenditures is that we are projected to end up with a savings of 1.2% of the budget, and that is, again, shaving the bottom. it is containing costs, and one of the things this does not take into account, and we need to be cognizant of, is that we will have to be prepared for some of the contracts, the professional services, and we also have some payments that still have to be made for the year ending june 30. i think overall, it is good news, but i think that we need to continue to be, you know, cognizant that the economy has not made this huge recovery. we are still trying to maintain our own, and i also wanted to let you know that we are filling positions that have been vacated by people that have retired and are trying to get
Sep 8, 2010 4:30am PDT
, and that is not categorized as rent, it is categorized as mou. >> i have participated in an annual meeting with park staff, and there was a roomful of people, about 30 parks of, and about 30 puc -- about 30 parks staff. >> i was at yosemite a few weeks ago, and i had dinner. the park superintendent for the last 15 years was in charge of a seashore, and before that, he was a deputy, so he knows a lot about the city and is very comfortable in the interaction that seems foreign to some people, but he is comfortable . president crawly: colleagues, that has been moved and seconded. all of those in favor, please signify by saying aye. opposed? clerk: mr. president, item 13, a discussion and possible action to approve the amendment number two to watch the enterprise, water system improvement program funded agreement no. cs-8578, for a total amount of 160 dozen dollars with a time extension of two years, nine months, for a total duration of five years, three months. president crowley: colleagues, anything on 13? ok, any public comment? hearing none and seeing none, i will take a demotion. all in favor, please sig
Sep 13, 2010 3:00pm PDT
their basketball and play. it's just a pickup game spot. and we do have an existing m.o.u. between d.p.w. and boston properties to maintain justin herman plaza and this bocce ball court if accepted will continue to be maintained as it is currently. supervisor maxwell: any other colts? supervisor chiu and then supervisor mar. supervisor chiu: so the local 61 students and apprentices willing involved in constructing the field and the boston properties is the, kind of course the management of the area. is local 261 going to be involved with any of the maintenance of the courts afterwards? >> yes. supervisor mar: yes. supervisor maxwell: supervisor chiu? supervisor chiu: just closing comments. first i want to address some of the issues that were raised in public comment. ernestine, i am very open to considering a business improvement district for the downtown area as i have a strong proponent in fisherman's whatever and other parts of the district and i have let the business community and property owners know that if that is of interest they would need -- i would need their support to mo
Sep 16, 2010 4:30pm PDT
to reprise an item i brought to the meeting of august 5 regarding an ammo you -- an mou the department would like to negotiate with the public utilities commission for eight long-term parking agreement, at 60 spaces at civic center garage. you will recall at the meeting on the fifth members of the commission expressed some concern about the escalation clause that we were proposing with the puc. the original proposal was to escalate parking -- the revenue we received from the puc annually at a 3% rate. some commissioners will -- were concerned that might not take into account the true cost escalation over the long-term 75-year proposed agreement. i went back and had a couple of conversations with the public utilities commission staff. in order to address your concerns, the proposal that i am here to speak to you about this afternoon is the following. if actual increases to the parking rates that are approved by the mta board, because they approve parking rates at all city garages, including ours, if this increases to rates that exceed 3%, the puc will cover the difference in one of two ways.
Sep 23, 2010 11:30am PDT
, and sidewalk standards, standards about the city's mou's. it also refers to the whistleblower program. in addition to the mandates that are specifically in the charter section, in general, we are also responding to other charter and reporting requirements, adnan reporting requirements, which being there are a lot of requirements for auditing. and a lot of the city's contracts and leases. in general, the budget looks like the city's budget. we get 0.2% set aside. we have a good size work order every year with the enterprise department, like the mta, public utilities, airport. bond and capital programs are also subject to this requirement. the audit program includes some ambitious new work on that, which konica can speak to as well. -- tonya can speak to as well. what that means and type -- in terms of the types of services we do. the budget book is a function of our measurement system. the whistleblower program, in general, we do the vibrations -- evaluations. these are a couple of quick stats about the size of our program. the city budget over all its $6.3 billion. allocation is 0.2%
Sep 25, 2010 5:00am PDT
been doing work, both through looking at their mou's when they come forward, and in their payroll audit. however, both question we are addressing, our approach, we both have a specific -- i think we can benefit from the work that the comptroller has done, especially through their payroll audit. i would call the second one a related item, memorandum of understanding. this is very much in the structure of various pay practices in the city. i believe the board needs to look at an address that from a policy direction and to really give guidance, especially when the city goes into negotiations, give guidance to the department of human resources, in terms of what their priorities are, what the criteria are. so i would actually disagree that for us to look at the premium pay would duplicate the work of the comptroller's office. supervisor chu: with regard to the premium pay practice, what exactly do you mean by that? >> the city has a multitude of memorandums of understanding that covers different classifications. in most of these probably the premium pay is in addition to base wages. we have
Sep 6, 2010 3:30pm PDT
get this mou in place. there will be a lot of shifting in leadership starting in november and over the next year or two. we want to make sure that the progress we have made over the years is left intact and that the new leadership will serve not only as a model but a springboard to move forward to increase our progress. i want to thank everybody at the city level has been involved in this. they have really done a great job and stayed involved. we would like to see the mayor's office of criminal justice strengthened in the future. we hope to see that. the mayor, the board, the probation department, language axes, the d.a.'s office, the police department, and 911 have been instrumental in coming together in this model project. we're so pleased to see it and be a part of it. thank you. [tone!] it would be great to see justice made a part of the overall progress that the city is making. the doctor gave a great overview of how justice is going. perhaps a representative from the board of supervisors from time to time or a hearing to make public the progress might be something that could
Sep 28, 2010 6:00am EDT
to the arctic. we are also in the process of putting together a new mou between ourselves and the noa. >> we have been involved in a series of meetings with anyone involved in these issues. i foresee we will be entering into an mou in the very near future. the most recent meeting happened last friday. they're going forward on a regular basis and i think we will have something to announce in the not too distant future. >> thank you. turning to the arctic, secretary salazar, you were up in alaska recently. he stated publicly that you would be undertaking various specific analysis before you made decisions on whether to proceed in the arctic. one thing we have heard a lot about is the response gap in the arctic. we watched the technology and the conditions in the arctic burberry adverse and very different than in the gulf, yet the technology is the same. could you talk a little bit about what specific issues you have to get more information on as you proceed with the issues relative to the arctic and specifically how you are dealing with this response? avoid the technology currently is and whet
Sep 13, 2010 2:30pm PDT
and rec. they will be required to, under the existing m.o.u., to make sure those courts are kept in pristine conditions. they will store all of the materials, all of the tools, and provide all of the labor. benji tozy who i have learned it our great bocce ball ambassador and player has agreed to help be our technical expert and he will make sure on a regular basis those courts are kept up to conditions that will allow folks to have a good time. it's an incredible accessible sport. kids as young as 4 and 5 and folks as old as 95, 100 can go out and play. they can have a good time together. that area has a daytime population, just counting the office buildings over 50,000 people. it's a very popular area on the weekends during the farmers markets. that one corner of the park continues to go underutilized. this is a great chance to activate that space. if it doesn't work, if they're not perfect, folks don't have a good time, we are on the hook to replace it to what it is now which is turf. thank you again for your consideration. supervisor maxwell: thank you. thank you for your effo
FOX News
Sep 22, 2010 11:00am EDT
, and a giant cat that was the ancestor of the saber tooth tiger. joining us mou, micro biologist rick greene wood, director of corporate and environmental health and safety for southern california edison. this find occurred because your company was getting read oh to build a power sub station on this plotter ground, right, and you suspected there might be fossils there? >> yes, we did. before we do any disturbing activities in the ground, we do a complete historical analysis and we talk to experts in the area, so we expected to find fossils. i think what was unexpected was just the depth and breadth of what we discovered in this area. jon: 1500 fossil bones and fragments found all together? >> yeah, and some of the species are still being identified, so they'll more than likely be new species, but we did find prehistoric camels, horses, as you mentioned, the predecessor, the saber tooth cat, and we found one horse bone that actually had bite marks in it from one of these cats, so it's just an incredible find. jon: and what happens to -- all right, i'm afraid we're going to have to leave, swr
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 55 (some duplicates have been removed)